Teacher: Draw The White House Under Water

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    A group of parents at Rancho Dominguez Prep School in Long Beach are asking for a long-term substitute teacher to be removed from the classroom after he told students to create images of the White House under water.

    Junior Carnal Washington said his Digital Imaging instructor told him it wasn’t enough to just submerge the White House, but somebody had to drown in their creations.

    “My (project) was the president being saved instead of drowning him… so I drowned his wife and the dog,” he said. “I felt bad. It didn’t feel right drowning the president.”

    Washington and a classmate said the student who got the most praise from the teacher took the Photoshop assignment a step further.

    “The highest grade in the class was a girl who had Obama swimming toward a bucket of chicken instead of his family. I thought that was sad, but when (the teacher) saw it, he started laughing,” Washington said.

  2. Assigning a project like they way it's described is wrong but , I don't trust the media: they LIE WAY TOO MUCH TO BE TRUSTED with inconvenients fact that don't fit their agenda.
    so count me an atheist on this one .
  3. lol..swimming towards fried chicken...
  4. I think bbq ribs is the new fried chicken.
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    Maybe Romney would have done better in the last two debates if he had brought a bucket of chicken for Barack to snack on. And maybe some sliced watermelon.
  6. The worse part of this entire thing is that the real intent of the assignment is to brainwash the kids that 'global warming' is a threat that is going to raise the sea levels and lead to the White House being flooded. In the new K-12 'Common Core Curriculum' in the U.S., this is called 'critical thinking'.

    This only turned into a news story because the teacher added Obama & family, and a student added fried chicken into the lesson.

    This assignment is similar to my classes in the 1970s when teachers made us write papers on how global cooling was going to end the earth and cover New York City in 400 feet of ice by Year 2000 in the next man-made ice age. This was an era (the 1970s) when the media was all endlessly reporting on the threat of global cooling.
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    If anyone should apologize for this it should be the whitehouse, Obama told us all his mere presence in the oval office would lower the sea level, i wonder how politifact rates that statement..... They probably give it a half true cause his economy is so bad most people cant even afford to warm their homes, let alone the arctic sea ice....
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    I don't see the left crying over their teacher's union cartoon of the rich peeing on the middle class. That is more disqusting IMO.