Teacher Claims Parkinson's Meds Caused Sexual Assault

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    This is a serious story until you get to the last sentence.

    MILTON (CBS) — The attorney for a Milton High School teacher said prescription drugs was at the root of his arrest.

    A 14-year-old student has accused 64-year-old Dale Snyder of sexual assault.

    According to police, On June 2, Snyder and the student were helping put away chairs after graduation, when the teacher invited the girl back to his classroom.

    There, according to the girl, Snyder put his hand on her leg, then kissed her several times. He’s now charged with indecent assault and battery on a child over 14 and assault and battery.

    Snyder’s attorney Thomas Lawton said his client suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and the medication he takes may cause impulsive behavior.

    Lawton, said while his client is not admitting to anything, they may work a medical defense into the case.

    “Not only does the disease, but some of the medications result in this type of behavior which I think you can find on any web search,” Lawton said. “He’s got increased libido, and impulse control issues.”

    Snyder was arrested Friday, at his Abington home and held on $25,000 bail over the weekend.

    Snyder was expected to post his $10,000 bail after his arraignment.

    Lawton said in the 27 years Snyder has worked at the school, there has never been a complaint against him.

    Snyder was inducted into the Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2009.

    The group’s president says the allegations are out of character. “Nothing but positive things to say so I’m at a loss for words. I just don’t understand it,” said Jim Hoar.

  2. That teacher has tenure.

    He could have banged the student, filmed it, and put it on YouTube and he still wouldn't get fired or lose a single penny of his ridiculously cushy pension (they would send the checks to his prison cell).

    The Teachers Union- bankrupting America one city at a time!
  3. Do people actually believe what you just wrote? Talk about over exaggeration w/ no basis of reality.

    Right now teacher unions are fighting just to stay alive. They are giving in and just trying to preserve jobs for their union members. New contracts are no longer a time for the teacher union to come in w/ demands and get everything they want. Now it's a matter of survival.

    Here's an actual, real life example (not some overblown jackass posting fiction w/o any idea how it actually works today): my significant other taught for 10 years at the same school - had seniority, head of her dept, all that. School says there's budget cuts and her discipline was being removed from the school curriculum. Just like that, on the decision of the NON-UNION board, she was out of a job. Her great, union provided severance: $0.00 & did not get paid for accumulation of sick/personal days. She got a pat on the back for a job well done for 10 years.

    She got another teaching job but this school's 'greedy' union contract says they start all teachers w/ experience at 5 years on the pay scale, REGARDLESS of how many years she has. She came with 10 years and started at 5 years on the pay scale. That incredibly outrageous contract the union negotiated/accepted, cost her over $10,000/yr. She can never get that 5 years back, it's just gone. Vanished in thin air due to these unions that are destroying America as we speak.

    It's easy to come on ET and post whatever bullshit you want to spout, but reality is much different than this post above me says. Teaching is far from the 'perfect' job path that clueless people think it is. My better half is now taking a huge amount of courses this summer to get another license to hopefully avoid getting the pink slip again - contrary to what ignorant people might say like the above post, schools can drop a teacher instantly and blame it on $. There is no all-powerful union in the background ready to pounce on a school for firing a teacher. Now she is moving into a completely different discipline, this is after her previous school required that she obtain her Master's degree. Any idea what all that schooling costs? Now if the union was in fact powerful and could bully the board around, she'd be sitting in her old school getting a much bigger paycheck and not running around getting another license for fear of losing her job again. Reality though, is much different and not nearly as exciting to post on ET about.
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    I KNEW it! I didn't past the second sentence before I knew you were related to a teacher in some way. (Not that there is anything wrong with that)
  5. Sorry about your wife. But she should be teaching in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, or California. It's damn near impossible to get fired with tenure there.
    Not coincidentally, all four of those blue states are basically bankrupt in large part to their public unions and ridiculous pensions.
  6. LOL. I thought the same thing.
  7. I notice they declined to go the route of Parkinson's induced dementia.

    hmm guess they'll save that excuse for the civil suit.
  8. 1) You're pissed off that your"whatever" has to have skills that are in demand. woa! that's right gubbermint work is supposed to be pay for skills nobody wants.

    2) If you want to be pissed off , maybe you should be directing some of your angst at the tenure system and it's asymmetrical benefit accrual.

    3) There is no shortage of teachers out there.