Teach Me to Trade - Workshops. Any ideas??

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  1. I recently attented a Teach Me to Trade workshop that was advertised on TV, it's a free intro/sales pitch seminar.

    it's offed by http://tmtt.com/

    Any comments on this company, track record?

    I found their software listed under brokers but has no ratings.

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    I doubt they are on the message board to promote. They are a pretty good sized company now ($19million in sales last year).

  3. To Ebo. I don't work for them. Thanks for making me laugh
  4. Global FX Remote Group, LLC is a proprietary day Trading firm that only trades the Spot FX market.

    We have programs for experienced and inexperienced traders looking to trade the FX market.

    We hold seminars each week that go over the FX market and the programs we have.

    email seminars@globalfxllc.com for more infor or to reserve a spot for the interview/seminar.

  5. Sheesh Brandon 19mil? IMO they are taking way too many sheep from you. Perhaps you should go head hunting and steal some key players from there marketing dept? At any rate, I guess it is reassuring for you to know there are still plenty of sheep out there just begging to get fleeced. This is your wake up call pal, now go get to work!
  6. Brandon used to be one of their whores.
  7. I heard Russ Whitney got arrested for pedophilia?
    Was that some other Russ?
  8. FXCM have free trading courses:

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