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  1. i was up a little late last night and saw an informercial called the ''Teach Me to Trade'' workshop. I live in new orleans and they are having 6 free workshops this week. The informercial was REAL LAME. They were trying to sell a system to learn to trade risk free / without risking a dollar ! << ha ha ------ im sure the workshop would be the same. Has anyone ever seen these informercials or attended one of these workshops?
  2. Do not waste your time ...
  3. From Studies In Tape Reading by Rollo Tape (Richard Wycoff), 1910, p. 179.

    Frequent requests are made for the name of someone who will teach the art of trading. I do not know of anyone able to trade with profit who is willing to become an instructor. The reason is very simple. Profits from trading far exceed anything that might be earning in tuition fees.
  4. they were running the same damn infomercial in San Diego as well. For these great free seminars this week at local hotels.
    Even funnier than the Wizetrade infomercial.....never thought that would be possible.
    Where I don't feel compassion for the people on the other side of my winning trades ( see do you feel bad, should you thread) I do feel for the poor idiots that buy into that crap.
  5. yea it was a free workshop at hotels............i would really love to be there to get a good laugh or something but im not even going to waste my time.
  6. sempai


    I don't know - maybe it's a good way to meet some wannabe trader chicks.

    "Come to my place baby, I'll teach you how to trade!"
  7. DTK


    I don't think trading bodily fluids are what they have in mind going to those things.
    Let us know if you have success with that strategy though.
    After all, you are the sempai.

  8. kut2k2


    I finally caught one of those snake-oil pitches the other night, and almost bust my sides laughing so hard. There must be more suckers watching late-nite TV than even P. T. Barnum thought possible for there to still be a market for that crap after all these years.
  9. JA_LDP


    A buddy of mine went to one of these last fall after we had a discussion about careers and I said I wanted to be a trader. He came back all excited and was like, "dude...this is awesome. I have to show you this!"

    The system they teach is 20,30 day moving averages, macd and full stochs. I talked him out of paying the couple hundred for another class and told him to go to stockcharts.com