Teach Me Not to Trade

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by hypostomus, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. OddTrader, thank you for your kind non-partisan encouragement. Gyrene Dertra, you should know better. Gimme twenty!
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  2. xiaohu


    I think someone is obviously a con if his or her market calls cannot be objectively proven wrong.
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  3. Just sit back and enjoy the ride...hypostomus' threads are among the best on ET.
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  4. Gyrene Dertra=Energy Trader?
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  5. Xiaohu, a true call says "Buy this at that exact time and price" followed by "Sell this at that time exact time and price". Anything else is a weather forecast. True calls are not conditional. Or ambiguous. Or subject to interpretation. A true trader like N.Q Enqueue can tell you instantly and without hesitation at any time whether his system says to be long, short or flat. It is truly a pity that ET does not support real-time calls.
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  6. Those who seek an anagram in a poster's name are truly mistrustful.
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  7. I agree totally Sigmund.:D I had a feeling that would bring you out.
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  8. You make Dr. Deco's point perfectly, HolyGrail. ET imagines things that are not there. Both Duref and Mudgins are perfectly legitimate family names, as can be determined from the most casual googling. But as long as I am invoked, let me relate that the most trenchant advice I ever read about the markets was Teresa Lo's admonition not to try to make a living at it. She recommended making trading an adjunct to your day job. Trading profitably is very much like keeping a hard-on. The less you feel the pressure to do it, the easier it is.
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  9. I would tend to agree with that thesis. Although I have been daytrading futures for only 13 months, I can honestly say that it is quite comforting to know that my profits will not need to be withdrawn for any reason.
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  10. gehko


    Does that mean you are long PFE?
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