Teabaggers wont be taken seriously

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  1. The whole KKK angle kills the message, why not get rid of the KKK wingnuts so they can be taken more seriously?

    As long as they have nigger posters,white power signs they are killing the message they want to get across which is smaller government and less taxes.

    They are hurting themselves by letting the wingnuts make all the noise.
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  5. I said on 12 Dec 09 in this forum that the Republicans are in a Civil War and they don't even realize it yet. I stand by that.
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    Dont you have some right winger you should be falsely accusing of racism right now? I am surprised you can make time in your busy schedule to prove you are even stupider than we thought.

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    Here is some of the quality which comes out of the comments section from the huffington post, daily kos, etc, made fun of by John Gibson. At the end when you think it cant get any better, Keith Olbermann comes in and tops them all off saying Joe Libermann should just kill himself.

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    Are you volunteering? Sorry, unlike you and your ilk, I need evidence before I make accusations. If you're trying to confess, nobody's stopping you.
    So you agree with the wingnut fairytale that liberals have to masquerade as neo-Nazis because all the real neo-Nazis are extinct and would never show up at an anti-immigration rally.

    I think we've established who the real nitwit is. Here's a clue: go find a mirror and gaze into it long enough for enlightenment to dawn. :D
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    Im dealing with a real genius here, start out by putting words in my mouth, then end it off with "I know you are but what am I."

    All in a hard days work for a libtard.

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    You said I was "stupider" for pointing out the silliness of the rightwing commenters claiming the neo-Nazis were liberals in disguise. So I hardly "put words in your mouth", I made the logical deduction that you agreed with the commenters. If you don't agree with them, you should explain your attack on me. If you do agree with them, I stand by my post: you're a nitwit with no self-awareness.
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