Teabaggers say no to Mitt Romney

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  1. Mitt Romney won't be invited to the Tea Party

    November 5th, 2010 @ 1:40pm
    By Becky Bruce

    SALT LAKE CITY -- Republicans might consider Mitt Romney a Presidential contender in 2012, but he may not have the backing of the growing Tea Party movement.

    Utah Tea Party organizer David Kirkham tells KSL, the problem with Mitt Romney is his record.

    "You know, he supported TARP, big supporter of TARP, and of course that's what took Sen. Bennett down -- and Massachusetts Romney-care," Kirkham said.

    But Kirkham wasn't opposed to the idea of Romney as a running mate to a Tea Party candidate, even though he doesn't know who that candidate would be. He points out it's not too late -- and won't be for awhile -- for someone to decide to make a run for the White House, adding that Sen.-elect Mike Lee only started his bid to replace Sen. Bob Bennett in January of this year, long after most candidates would have decided to run.

    Kirkham says what is clear is that someone will step up to the plate. He says the Tea Party has learned a lot from the midterm elections this year and that serves them well looking forward.

    "I can tell you in 2012, we're going to be a very, very powerful force to deal with," Kirkham said.
  2. Theres a video of Romney talking tongues. Can no longer find it.
  3. According to you guys' docrtine this should be a certain qualifier for tea party support. Just goes to show how far out of touch with reality your propaganda is...

  4. Its not that talking in tongues as a certain qualifier is what should be in question, its that it isn't a disqualifier. As in, "rama lama lidy loo ratza fratza i;ie ip opdejj djori llgh; iaj;q'io ...sigh"

  5. Obama care is a copy of Romney care

    Funny that when its Romney,its "Massachusetts Romney-care" and Romney might be ok for VP

    When its Obama ,Obama care is a government take over of healthcare, death panels, socialized medicine etc
  6. Lucrum


    Maybe that's why the Tea Party said no to Mitt.