Tea party terrorists.

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  1. The guy was a 40 year old white guy. What if it turns out he was a teapartier?
  2. What if the guy was a democrat pretending to be a tea partier? I mean...thats what they do now, right?
  3. Like Timothy McVeigh?
  4. You think McVeigh and his like would be typical of Tea Partiers??
  5. Oh a little advice. Next time you post, give a little more description on what you are talking about or at least a link. Sometimes my mind reading skills are not up to par.
  6. The crowds remind me of his kind. Angry white christians pissed at the world.
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    Though, McVeigh was a non-practicing Catholic who considered himself agnostic. Even claiming science to be his religion as religions go.
  8. That is simply ignorant. ON IGNORE!
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    What if it turns out he's a noob trader?