Tea Party GOP Senate Candidate: Evolution is a myth

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  1. or the second week in a row, HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher revealed a previously-unaired clip of Christine O’Donnell on Politically Incorrect. Recall, last week Maher showed a clip of O’Donnell professing to dabble into witchcraft, and pledged to show a new clip of O’Donnell every week until O’Donnell agrees to appear once again on his show.

    So tonight, Maher played a clip from O’Donnell’s appearance on Politically Incorrect on Oct. 15, 1998, in which she professed her view that “evolution is a myth”:

    O’DONNELL: You know what, evolution is a myth. And even Darwin himself –

    MAHER: Evolution is a myth?!? Have you ever looked at a monkey!

    O’DONNELL: Well then, why they — why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?

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    Previously, New York Magazine had dug up a 1996 appearance by O’Donnell on CNN, during which the Delaware GOP Senate nominee insisted “hard evidence” proves evolution is “merely a theory” and God’s creation of the world occurred in “six 24-hour periods.”

    After airing tonight’s clip, Maher remarked with astonishment that this is “someone that could be in the Senate.” He added, “See this is the point I want to make — is the stuff from the witch from last week was silly. Who cares what she did in high school, if she dabbled in witchcraft. But this is someone who could be in the Senate, who thinks that mice have human brains and doesn’t understand ‘oh my God, that monkeys don’t evolve in the time that it would take to watch them.’”

  2. Well Hermit, it's because Jesus loves the little children but can't give them a science education.
  3. Lucrum


    Apparently there are some congressmen who need a science education as well.


    There are stupid people on BOTH sides of the political isle.

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  4. =====================
    Big Dave;
    Maybe thats why Christians go to sunday school,
    & founded so many Christians Colleges[Yale, Harvard...]

    Maybe thats also why Christians/Jews founded so many Hospitals;
    they dont know much medical science-LOL:D ??

  5. Sure, but the distribution is skewed.
  6. "Scientific facts have never derived from religion, but religion has conceded to science. But even here, the Church's concessions to science have come through bitter delay. For example, not until 1992 did Pope John Paul II acquit Galileo, 359 years after his indictment of heresy! The Pope even conceded to the idea of evolution "as an effectively proven fact," over 130 years after Darwin's first publication of the fact. How in the world can anyone argue that Christianity founded modern science when the Church disagreed with the very people who made some of the most important scientific discoveries in history?"

    "Unfortunately, many Christian church authorities and Christian political leaders today, continue to place barriers against science. Many fundamentalist Christians reject modern biology, geology, and physics. Many deny global warming, birth control methods, stem cell research and other scientific advances that could save millions of people, if not, eventually, the entire human race. George W. Bush's administration kowtowed to the Religious Right and reduced scientific research in place of faith based initiatives. Many fundamentalist Christians want to eliminate Darwin's theory of evolution and replace it with theological Creationism. Some have even succeeded in using political means to change school boards across America to ban evolution from biology books and to teach Intelligent Design (an oxymoronic euphemism for Creationism) in its place. Scientists today sometimes still have to fight tooth-and-claw."

  7. The Tea Party is not an actual "political party" and as such does not have "candidates". On your ballot you will notice that there will be "republican" and "democrat" options but a "tea party" option will be conspicuously absent. Hence you assertion that there is a "tea party candidate" is fictitious.
  8. So the Talibanization of the Republican party continues. This could have been part 1329 in that series on Talibanization, but who is counting.
  9. Yes, much like the red revolution in the donkey/jack ass party...

  10. I Know you and Maher enjoy mocking Christians, but just to show us all how smart you are, why don't you give me one example of cross species evolution. Not a theory mind you that fish somehow grew legs and stared walking or that apes became human and eventually formed the NAACP, but actual physical proof. HInt: Piltsdown Man doesn't count.
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