Tea Party Getting A Bad Rap

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    But then again, they really don't help their own cause now do they?

    Tea Party Billboard linking Obama to Hitler taken down:


    (CNN) - A controversial Mason City, Iowa billboard that featured President Barack Obama next to images of Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin was papered over Wednesday, according to a report by the Mason City Globe Gazette.

    The billboard went up last week, the local newspaper reported, and was ordered and paid for by the North Iowa Tea Party. The billboard showed Obama underneath the label "Democrat Socialism," Hitler under the label "National Socialism," and Lenin under the label "Marxist Socialism." The word "change," one of Obama's trademark slogans from his White House run, appeared beneath each of the images. And the phrase "Radical Leaders Prey on the Fearful & the Naïve" was written across the bottom of the billboard.

    The North Iowa Tea Party, the local Tea Party group behind the billboard, has not responded to requests for comment.

    In a phone interview with CNN, Ryan Rhodes, a representative of the Iowa Tea Party, emphasized that his larger, statewide organization was not behind the billboard. Rhodes said that the billboard caused "a lot of outcry" amongst Iowa Tea Party groups and activists as word spread that the billboard had gone up.

    "It detracts from the message we're trying to promote which is freedom and not fear," Rhodes told CNN. The Tea Party activist added that the billboard did an "injustice to the cause we're trying to promote which is American exceptionalism."

    "None of us control one another," Rhodes said of the loose network of Tea Party activists and groups in Iowa. "But we do try to communicate with one another." He suggested that the North Iowa Tea Party's decision to put up the billboard was the result of a breakdown in communication with the larger Tea Party network in Iowa.

    He added, "we discourage inflammatory billboards" but would have no problem with billboards with educational messages.

    Rhodes said his organization, the Iowa Tea Party, is affiliated with the national Tea Party Patriots organization, and that his responsibilities include communicating with and coordinating between Tea Party groups across Iowa.
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    The people comparing Obama to hitler are total retards, just like the people who compared bush to Hitler were. There is no excuse for that kind of behaviour, all it does is denigrate jewish people.

  4. What we have here is the MSM painting with a very broad brush when it comes to conservatives, and using a very targeted approach when it come to the left. They like to take an isolated incident, or group, and portray it as the whole. However, you won't see them doing it with say, the New Black Panthers. They're just a fringe group, not really representative of the left, is what you'll hear when they are reporting on such groups and events. That's if they report on those radical left fringe groups at all. Problem for the MSM is that anyone with even an ounce of intellectual honesty sees right through their bullshit, which is why they're losing support of independents at such an alarming rate.
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    What you are saying is spot on, anyone who believes in what Olbermann/madcow have to offer is either intentionally being obtuse, or is a total retard. The MSM sold out a long tme ago, and no amount of bitching by any of us will change it, so there is no point in bitching anymore.

  6. "Radical leaders prey on the fearful & naive."

    they should put a picture of the pope on that billboard. talk about preying on the gullible.
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    Did you think of that yourself or plagiarise it off huffington post again?

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