Tea Party Candidate Rand Paul Has Modest 8 Pt. Lead For KY Senate Over Democrats.

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  2. That's one Libertarian senator, which leaves just fifty more to go before its a free country again.
  3. “People say, ‘Oh those Tea Party people, they’re angry.’ I say: ‘No, they’re concerned and they’re worried.’ They’re worried that we could destroy the currency by adding such a massive debt.” Paul then invoked the Nazis: “In Germany it led to Hitler.” -- Ayn Rand Paul, Source

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    So the thought of bankruptcy wasnt a leading reason Nazi Germany/Hitler thrived??? I would love to read some of the history books you are..... Is this a dumb concept???

    History has proven time and time again that people are most susceptible to psychopaths such as hitler when they feel the government is severly oppressing/failing them, or when they feel that their very way of life is threatened.....

    I may have misinterpreted every single history book i read though, so kindly point me to the places in history where radicals took control of government amidst economic prosperity, for all. I would love to see this.

  5. Similarly, Obama's deception to get elected.

    Americans were worried about the economy, their jobs, and the financial crisis.. and PISSED at Bush for his private little wars, deficits, lies. We were susceptible.

    Obama comes along with the right "wind song"... ALL LIES OF COURSE, except the one to "fundamentally transform America [into a Communist like state], which foolish and greedy citizens dismissed.
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    Yup, but apprently guys like convertibility would rather laugh at it, and call it dumb.
  7. Greedy non-thinkers, racists and party loyalists [a special brand of non-thinker] will support Obama regardless. They are a great threat to America now and all it has been. :mad: :mad:
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    Dont ever use the terminology "racists" it is a detriment to our cause, just as it is a detriment to the left wing cause.
  9. The guy who set up his own certification board so that he could pass himself off as board certified? The guy who thought pursuing BP was un-American? Yes, a veritable dream come true.
  10. BS! Obama is the most racist president in our lifetime. He seeks to divide the country by race... to gather all the black and hispanic votes.. and along with the die-hard, BRAIN-DEAD, partisan leftists... to achive a majority.

    Picture that... with nearly 100% of the black vote and something similar among the Hispanics... the "majority" would be made up of mostly underachievers, lesser accomplished, less educated, lower earning, less motivated... whose policies would rule the most powerful country the world has ever known... For a while, anyway. Can't be maintained... destined to failure.

    America had formerly been, "the land of OPPORTUNITY"... not "entitlement". Now it has the potential to become a country ruled by a "majority" of folks who have no skin in the game and are the least capable of advancing the future.

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