Tea Party Candidate Arrested on Drug Charges...

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  1. Ezell Harris, a Florida conservative who launched his campaign for Orlando City Council at a Tea Party rally, has been arrested on drug trafficking charges.

    Jail records show he is being held on four counts: trafficking in hydrocodone, dispensing illegal drugs without a license, unlawful use of a two-way radio, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    Details of the case were not immediately available from the Orlando Police Department, though investigators believe he was selling Lorcet and Vicodin - brand names of hydrocodone -- that had been prescribed to him. According to his website, he served as a military policeman in the U.S. Army for three years in the late 1970s, and was classified as disabled in 1980.

    In his campaign platform, Harris said: "Prescription drugs have replaced cocaine and other illicit substances as the leading cause of drug abuse deaths in Florida, a new study says. Despite this, the state has no prescription drug monitoring program, and the authors of the study say Florida must do more to curb the abuse of legal medication ... The report makes it clear that lax oversight is allowing Florida's legal drug abuse problem to grow out of control."
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  4. I agree, Rep. Jefferson was a real piece of work..........
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    he should get douche limbaughs lawyer.
    repubs should remember drugs are a no-no but solo vibrator erotic performances videotaped are ok.
  6. Both Optional777 and DSQ are hardcore Obama fans. Obama is an admitted cocaine user. Talk about being full of shit.
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    You mean W?...obama isnt the one who wants drug wars s to continue like your buddy W.Dude,do you like cock like larry craig?You sound it.