Tea baggers in the house get their bluff called and they fold

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  1. Rule vote on Boehner plan overwhelmingly clears the house.
  2. you can't make this sh*t up: :D

    >>House leaders have delayed a scheduled vote on the debt ceiling plan offered by House Speaker John A. Boehner, a possible acknowledgement that Republicans lacked the votes to ensure passage.

    The postponement was announced just minutes before the planned 6 p.m. vote. The House instead moved to consider a far less controversial measure -- to rename a post office in Peoria, Ill.

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  4. It woulda been better for you nutcases if he'd been correct. If you think the voting public is getting a good impression of your cult, you're mistaken. Even the freakin' Chamber of Commerce wants this stupid crap to end.
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    Max E.

    Is this about the time where you regale us "nutcases" with your stories about how you are a better trader than everyone on this site?

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    The democrat dominated senate is free to vote the bill down. The president is free to veto the bill.

    Take a guess who the default belongs to if either of those things happens.

    Personally I don't give a damn if the country defaults. Whatever it takes to reduce spending.
  7. No, as I recall there was a post somewhere where your young little self was boasting about how he'd been making six figures since he left college, or something along those lines.
    OTOH, you could find posts by me admitting I lost a crapload in 2008. One day, whether you like it or not - and I assure you you won't - it will happen to you. Yes, even you.
    Meantime, maybe you could direct me to where you find these posts by me? And maybe you could explain how the Tea Partier who replied, when asked if there was anything that would change his mind on voting for Boehner's plan, said "If the Lord takes me" isn't a cultist? That normal people who live in real families where compromise is an everyday reality, just as it is in government, and rightly so, aren't going to think this guy isn't a fruit loop?
    In your little cult, he may be a hero. Out among the sane, I got news for you: he's a nutcase.
  8. everybody?
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    Max E.

    Maybe then you should grow up and quit telling everyone who disagrees with you that they dont know how to trade, when no one in a thread even disparages you to begin with. Dont see why you feel the need to walk into a thread which had nothing to do with you and start calling a bunch of people you have never talked to "retards" and questioning their trading ability.

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