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  1. I buy 500 STV @ 48.05 towards the end of the day. Price has been spiking up and down all day so I put in a sell @ 48.30. It starts to tank and I'm trying to cancel my sell order so maybe I can sell before this tanking gets worse. I try to cancel my order on Command Center 2 over and over again and everytime I get the message that the status has changed and I can't cancel.
    For starters, that's a lie, no order status has changed.
    Its the aftermarket and I call cust serv and the broker tells me
    it takes longer to execute, but 15-20 minutes? During which time tanking gets worse. I'm just lucky I wasn't in for alot more than what I was in for -- this trade was just sort of a lark. I always have to cancel at least twice for it to take even when the platform is allegedly working right. Sucks!
    Time to leave, ya think?

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    Well, you're just helping pay for their salaries.

    Please direct your displeasure to the following highly paid incompentants:

    Mr. J. Joe Ricketts , 65
    Founder, Chairman, Member of Corp. Governance Committee and Member of Non-TD Directors Committee

    Mr. Joseph H. Moglia , 57
    Chief Exec. Officer, Exec. Director and Member of Non-TD Directors Committee $ 7.15M

    Mr. Chris Armstrong , 58
    Exec. VP of Sales & Marketing, Member of Chief Exec. Office and Head of Client Group $ 1.34M

    Mr. Peter H. Williams ,
    Chairman of Ameritrade Canada Inc., Chief Exec. Officer of Ameritrade Canada Inc. of Ameritrade Canada Inc

    Mr. Bill Gerber , 49
    Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer and Sr. VP
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    after hours it does take a long time to fill orders. dont be surprised if in after hours a stock moves up or down too much because if anyone tries to trade during those hours, they probably will end up moing the stock. it wont be as bad as it seems right now.. look tomorrow morning
  4. Why would it take longer to execute in the aftermarket.

    More bs.
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