TDAmeritrade is pure garbage

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by interdigital, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Keeps saying the system is unavailable right now.

    Is this happening with any other broker right now? If not, then I might have to change brokers.
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    Are you able to access your backup broker? You do have a second account at another broker, don't you?
  4. Etrade is a bit slowlier but usable if you are not scalper.
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    Remember to call and get your 10 free trades if you have Apex.
  6. I have had some problems loading since they revamped the charts about a month ago, but I have attributed it to my lack of RAM. I have been very happy with AMTD for about 2.5 years and I'm just now exploring other brokers because of execution needs.

    My only issue with them is that when I started trading large volumes (say .3% of average daily volume), I couldn't execute a limit order without the market moving away from me. Also, their system tends to have some glitches in account value calculation and order status at market close.

    The tools are phenomenal for a swing trader or small time daytrader though.
  7. I've also received the system unavailable notice on more than one occasion, they always seem to offer you a bunch of free trades to make up for your misfortune. mica are you trading off command center or the streamer?
  8. Command Center is where i spend most of my time. If I'm not going to enter an order, I watch the streamer chart with level II and last sale in the foreground.

    The only probems I have had are the streamer charts never loading. My command center locks up every now and then if I get to "click happy" refreshing my order status...I'd rather lose money than have a partial fill.
  9. Excuuuse me - IB is the only broker allowed to be bashed on ET!

    Take this TDA shiite somewhere else.

    Just messin' with you! :D

    Good luck with your problem. Now back to our regularly scheduled thread...