TDA Better Fills than Assent

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  1. Ok I never thought I would ever write this but I am looking at it in real time. I am doing some automated trading using the Trade Ideas robot for TDA, my buddy is using the same robot but trading through Assent. We are comparing fills in real-time and running some of the same strategies. On many fills my TDA is beating his Assent by 5 or more is nuts. The crazier thing is that TDA has this deal right now that if you autotrade with Trade Ideas you get 30 days of trading commission free. This is totally nuts so I am taking advantage. Heads up and enjoy the free meal :)
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    Can you post the link for the deal?

    By the way, don't let that $9.95 flat rate scare you. You can easily negotiate it down to $8.00 with a simple phone call, and even further if you show a high level of activity.
  4. As a TD Ameritrade client you can use Jerry Medved's Quotetracker charting software for FREE. It includes 20 days of intra-day historical data too. A very impressive charting package with all of the technical tools and easy-link features.

  5. For automated it trading it was like being a kid in a candy store.
  6. SoesBandit,

    Still doing well with your fills using TD Ameritrade and the Trade Ideas auto-robot?