TD Waterhouse up for sale.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by taodr, May 1, 2003.

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    Apparently TD Bank is tired of losing money in the States. Any outfit charging ridiculous fees in todays world will get hammered.
  2. lescor


    They just took a bath dumping the options firm they acquired right before they all fell off a cliff. There is a new ceo in the last year, sounds like he's busy undoing all the idiotic deals made during the good times that are coming back to bite them now. They are also one of the largest lenders in the telecom business.
  3. Was it Letco Trading they acquired?
  4. I bid 1 us dollar for TD Waterhouse
  5. qdz5


    Serves the F%&#cks right for playing with crooked OPTIONS! If you deal with options, you will fall off a cliff.

    That reminds me, I need to take a bath! :p

  6. I have a suggestion that will save them some dough. Ditch those stupid TV ads with that guy who used to be on Law and Order. He creeps me out.
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    Yes. They continue to restructure. The prior managements difficulty in properly handling the spike in business over the last several years was not uncommon. Many companies got burned because their management did not know how to handle this demand. For a while they were doing innovative things to attempt to catch up to their peers but once they realized they were on the negative side of the demand spike they just started pulling projects and turning off the money faucet. This only put them further behind with no option but to contemplate pulling out of the business.

    A good lesson for those of us that run companies: it is importatnt to keep ongoing investment in your infrastructure and to not become purely reactive rather than strategic during demand spikes or troughs in your business ...
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    Really he sounds like he's constipated ! I wonder who the dimwit was who figured this guy goes with buying shares.