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Discussion in 'Options' started by FSU, Dec 9, 2019.

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    Just got an email from TD. They will start charging exchange fees up to .65 a contract for SPX options starting Jan 2, along with a few other index options such as the VIX, OEX, XEO, RUT.

    This had been a place where TD was cheaper than anyone, as their commissions were "all in". No more.

    Here is their new "add on" rates.
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  2. I got same msg from TDA last week.
    So, the recent move to lower "commissions" for those of us trading SPX is turning into appx "double your commissions/fees"!

    We may need to "role up our sleeves" for more commission negotiations again!
    Or re-evaluate lower commission brokers again for SPX option trading!
    I began the process last week and expect some relief, but do not expect to achieve "pre-commission reduction" rate on SPX options.
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  3. %%
    Must be easier for even a big brokerage to lose money with options?? IBKR got out of that market making business, some time ago also...................................................................
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    Schwab still just charges $.65 per option plus a de minimis "exchange processing fee" of something like 1.7 cents per option, so interesting to see what emerges from the merger.
  5. Agree! I expect we are only seeing the initial "ripples" for their (TDA & Schwab) merger, as my notifications occurred only a a small number of accounts so far.
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    Hopefully Australian residents will have access to the TDA software due to this merger. Schwab is in Australia, but TDA won't open accounts for us guys.