TD ameritrader with Black Berry

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by freewilly, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Asking a question to those who use same brokers and same device.

    Is watch list in "market simplified" linked to TD ameritrade watch list?

    I created several watch lists in my TD account, but they are not shown in my market simplified on my blackberry.

    Anyone knows how to solve the problem?


  2. Are you using a web browser to connect to TDAmeritrade or a third party tool? I found this tool below and although I don't have a blackberry it looks very good. I use one for a Apple Iphone.
  3. Deputycag,
    that is what I am using, or used. Market simplified is very buggy and customer support never respond my email.

  4. Good to know. I was planning on getting blackberry bold and using that software.
  5. xxanadu3


    Hi Freewilly

    It seems that the Watchlist of Market Simplified is not yet synched because the ameritrade API did not support that feature though they told me it is going to happen in the coming weeks.
    I have the app and it works great.

    I also got replies from their support a coupla times I mailed them. They say the Bold app is coming out in a coupla weeks. Check out their review on Berry review