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    What would be the best trading software to use with TD Ameritrade ?
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    You can check out
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    you can create your own. they have decent API now
  4. Without a doubt, QUOTETRACKER.


    You might wish to supplement Ameritrade's "Streamer" data-feed with something a little more robust/solid, like DTN's "IQ-Feed".

    DTN charges Quotetracker customers $45 per month + exchange fees. ( NYSE $4 and NASDAQ Level-1 quotes $4 ).

    This will allow for all of your charts, time and sales, and quotes on your Watch List to run via the DTN feed.

    Your Level-2 quotes will still come via Ameritrade.
  5. Correction.

    The DTN monthly subscription charge is only $25 per month when using Quotetracker.

    $45 if you also subscribe to futures/options quotes.
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    Thanks for the replys.

    Why is the DTN feed better then Ameritrades.....
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    I use strategy desk(A TD Ameritrade program), for their charts and backtesting. Its reliable, and trade execution is pretty simple and fast; Buy and Sell points show up on the chart and you can execute them by right clicking and hitting sell, buy, buy short, etc. etc.(Sound familiar?). Ninja Trader is probbably alittle bit more impressive, but honestly Strategy Desk and Command Center get the job done, and they're free if you have an ameritrade account. Command Center has chart recognition also...Some cool features.
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    What kind of data series do they offer? Time only? or tick/volume/range as well? How about history? How far back does it go?
  9. I have a account with TDameritrade for like 5 years but their commision seems to be crazy
    Stock $9.99
    Option $ 9.99 + 2.95

    I opend an account with IB but they did not approve me for a margin account ( only cash ) that sucks but their commsions are like $5 /1000 shares and $1 to trade options
    IB looksvery complicated
  10. With just a little bit of trading, you can "negotiate" TD Ameritrade down to $8.00 flat in a heart beat.

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