TD Ameritrade Tier 2 - Standard Margin Approval

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Corello, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Corello



    For some reason I keep getting rejected for a margin account (tier2 standard margin) on my current account.

    Could I close my accounts and then make a new one with updated info? Would that work?
  2. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    If you email me directly with you income, net worth and liquid net worth I can give you an idea as to if you would likely be approved for margin at Lightspeed. I also need to know your starting balance. We ask for $25,000.
  3. Did you ask TD what their requirements are for tier 2 to see if you meet them? Or have you updated your financials and network and perhaps provide back up if requested to gain approval?
  4. Corello


    Yes, I have. It was because I had some inconsistencies. I am just wondering if it would work if I deleted all accounts & the data on the accounts and made a new one. Would I get approved then?

  5. I would have no idea but why not just update your info to be correct.