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    I'm having problems with my daily charts loading. They load slowly. I have 2'-5-15'-60' charts up and they all load fine. I an using a Verizon DSL modem and a Linksys router hard wired to my PC. I bypassed my router to no avail so that's not the problem. I also using Firefox as my web browser. Funny thing though, I'm using my laptop via a wireless connection and not having a problem there, although I only use 4 charts on that computer. I use 10-12 charts on my PC. My PC has enough RAM (2.5gig) and is plenty fast enough. Any suggestions on how I can speed up my daily charts load? I also attached a WORD doc file from their tech support for info. Firefox is not configed the same as Internet Explorer so I'm at a loss.
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    I did not open your attachment. I'm a little leary about doing so for a new user with a single post.

    I'm no longer an Ameritrade customer so am unfamiliar with their current software but as no one else has replied ------

    Open your Firefox on both machines and under Tools compare the setting available under all the tabs. If they differ note the desktop setting(s) and then change them to match the laptop settings. If it doesn't help restore them all. However, do that after you have changed them all, not after each individual change. If it does help, reset one at a time until you find the one(s) that caused the problem. Or just be happy and leave them all matching the laptop.

    What about virus/spyware/malware/beware programs running on the desktop but not on the laptop? Different settings?

    Is it a perspective thing - that is does the laptop really open the four charts faster than the desktop opens its first four?

    Once all twelve charts are up and running do they update as rapidly as the notebook?

    Have you looked at the Windows Task Manger (Ctrl/Shift/Escape) to see what's running/CPU usage/processes etc? [Both machines]