TD Ameritrade & Quotetracker issue

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DonCorleone, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Anyone having issues w/ this data feed combo this morning? My charts went dead about 15 minutes after the open and has not come back on... :(
  2. Quotetracker working fine here, linked to IB.

    However, my Ameritrade and IB charts (I use all three) are dead - no real time updates.

    Strange ...
  3. I just managed to log on. argghhhh. I like their message "Your last successful login is was at blank blank time" No it wasn't. I didn't have a successful logon. It was annoying hassle.
  4. it just came back on for me. hope it works for you guys soon. good luck trading today.
  5. Peri


    Glad I slept in.
  6. Worked for a while. Now dead again. Argh!!!
  7. Yea, I spoke too soon. Went dead again... :mad:
  8. Ameritrade only thing not working right now, here. (IB and QT - ok).
  9. You can get quotes through the Level II /Market depth panel for NYSE stocks, if the other quotes are out.
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