td ameritrade personal coaching???

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    Does anyone have any experience with this program or anything like it?

    I was considering it until the guy started using typical sales tactics like telling me the program lasted for 12 months if I signed up today but only six months if I waited till Monday.

    He also was adamant that I would make the fees charged for the coaching back. He stopped just short of guaranteeing it.
  2. Were you speaking to a guy named Sam Waterston? If yes, then take the training/coaching. :cool:
  3. AAA30


    Had to look up who that was, surprised he did not close the OP. :D
  4. 151


    Good ole Sam, but no this dudes name was Blair.
  5. will


    I would like to try it. $2520.00 is abit steep.
    What were they going to charge you?
  6. What is personal coaching?
  7. thats where a guy/gal that cant trade teaches you how to do the same.
  8. BSAM


    Where did you get "2520"? If someone can teach you to trade for 2520, that ain't "steep"; that's "cheap".
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    :D :D :D

    that's right..those who can-do,those who can't-teach
  10. lindq

    lindq figure....what are the odds that somebody employed by TD Ameritrade is going to have trading skills sufficient to coach someone to profitability.

    If you figure those odds at less than zero then you have the correct answer.

    Other than "work at home" and "how to get rich in real estate", there is probably more money wasted on pretenders in this business than in any other.

    And I guarantee you that if you line up 100 trading "coaches", quite possibly one of them is clearing enough to pay their mortgage. Otherwise they wouldn't be bothering to put up with all the crap involved in trying to mentor new traders.

    If you want to have a very short conversation with someone at Ameritrade, or ANY organization for that matter, ask them to send you a report on their own trading activity.
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