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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by switze22, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. This was strange.

    I thought about playing into Ebays earnings, so I put in a limit order right after market before they announced.

    Anyway, I decided I wasn't confident enough so I canceled the order.

    However, it showed the order as "Pending Cancel".

    I figured this meant it was canceled, and then I watched Ebay plunge with their poor 2008 outlook.

    So, I look back at my order page, and TD had filled my order.

  2. taipan77


    yea watch out with ameritrade I used to have them and paid crazy fees. One day I had an option play and I used to trade trigger to basically sell my options if they dropped by a certain amount. Well I didn't think that order went through and did it again a day later and when the price dropped it didn't trigger and it cost me about 2 thousand in profits. So I called and told them and they said that there order entry couldn't reconize two orders for the same option positions at the same time. what a bunch of crap so I dropped them.
    If your serious about trading I would switch from them.
  3. This was strange.

    I thought about shooting myself in the head before Eby earnings, so I put a bullet in a gun and pulled the trigger.

    Anyway, I decided I wasn't suicidal enough, so I tried to move my head out of the way, but the bullet got me.


    But I didn't blame Smith & Wesson
  4. Nice analogy! :D