TD Ameritrade Options 360

Discussion in 'Options' started by options101, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. This is a new offering from TD currently in BETA, anyone tried it?
  2. ssmegner


    I tried it at the Traders Expo. It has a few bells and whistles but cannot handle more than a simple spread order. I asked about a double diagonal and they said that would require 2 separate orders. I use TOS now and TD has a long way to go. The only feature I really liked that was tha ability to build an order from the options ladder by adding +/- numbers besides any entry. You can build orders on TOS but not in the same manner. I would stick with OptionsXpress, IB or TOS unless you already have a TD account.
  3. Hold CTRL when selecting options to do a funky ass spread in TOS? Is that what you are referring to?
  4. MTE


    Exactly, you can just press and hold CTRL and then click on the bids/asks of any number of options in the chains you like to get any spread you want.
  5. ssmegner


    Thanks. I learn something every day! :)

    The only thing a bit nicer on the TD software was the ability to go up and down the ladder and change +/- numbers to build the spread. But it was only a bit nicer. Unbalanced double diagonals is about the most complex thing that I do.