TD Ameritrade new commission schedule

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    Amertrade/TD Waterhouse have joined forces and the new name will be TD Ameritrade.
    Late April 2006 there will be also a New Commission and Margins Schedule.
    Does anyone know anything about it?
    Is TD Ameritrade going to raise Commissions/Fees/Margins etc?

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    When Ameritrade plans on waiting to announce their new fees and commissions until after the last date to leave Ameritrade before being automatically swept into and accepting all of the new terms, conditions, fees, and commissions of TD Ameritrade, you can expect the worse. TD Ameritrade, with its 100 local branches, is going to be more top heavy. I expect TD Ameritrade to have a termination fee to close accounts. Ameritrade now has fees for transferring out of Ameritrade but not for closing accounts and drawing out the cash. I expect the "after" to be worse than the "before" and that is why I plan to close my Ameritrade account and draw out the cash before the April 17 deadline.
  3. I work for Company and we haven't heard anything yet.:)
  4. TDAmeritrade is a pretty big player, or at least well advertised, so I am surprised it isn't more represented here.

    I was thinking about opening an ulimited trade 45 $2000 account.
  5. ? wth is that?
  6. For 45 days after depositing $2000 at TDA until December 31 2006, one has more or less UNLIMTED FREE TRADES, but I read it actually means 5000 trades max.
  7. Who will you switch to?
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    Monthly members comission for limittless order?
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    SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In its ongoing effort to make investing more accessible and affordable, The Charles Schwab Corporation today announced reductions in online equity trade commissions designed to provide greater value for investors of all sizes, regardless of the frequency or size of their trades.

    Beginning January 19, Schwab retail investors will pay just $8.95 per online trade in stocks or non-Schwab exchange traded funds. (Schwab ETFs feature commission-free online trading through Schwab accounts.) Formerly, investors who held less than $1 million in household assets at Schwab or who traded fewer than 120 times per year paid $12.95 per trade plus charges for trades larger than 1000 shares.

    The main caveat that I see is that

    "$8.95 flat commission does not apply to:


    Large block transactions (orders of 10,000 or more shares, or orders over $500,000): May be eligible for special handling and/or pricing—please call us for information. "
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