TD Ameritrade joins race to the bottom on fees -- announces zero-commission trades to match Schwab

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by vincentnyc, Oct 2, 2019.

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  1. vincentnyc


  2. slvrrisc


    Finally, maybe it'll be worth scalping on futures with more size on ToS too.
  3. R1234


    They're not dropping futures commissions. Its still $2.25 per side, even on the micros!
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  4. ET180


    They got rid of exercise and assignment fees. Those used to be prohibitively expensive. Options now only $0.65 per contract. Based on how I trade, they are now more competitive than IB. Let's see what IB does.
  5. Wow gonna cut down on my commission expenses bigtime. Now waiting for etrade. Trading volume must be drying up. I see consolidation soon, lots of firms closing shop
  6. In the news fractional pricing is back to make up for loss of commissions across the board :)
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    There are 3 threads in this forum with essentially the same topic (TD Ameritrade eliminating commissions), so going forward let's post to this one which is the largest of the three. Thanks.
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