TD Ameritrade is hacked

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by qll, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. qll


    For those who have an account with TD.Ameritrade, check your email, you should have receive an email pumping the stock EQTD.PK

    Remember the broker was down last week? The hacker seems get the access to all accounts' information.

    How do I know? All of my client's email accounts got the same message. All those email accounts are opened only to use for TD.Ameritrade.

    All your ACH accounts, passwords are at risk too. Email TD.A ASAP!!!!!
  2. qll


    We have received reports from some clients that a spam e-mail regarding
    information on the security EQTD.PK, has been targeted to an address
    they use with Ameritrade. This is not a result of Ameritrade sharing or
    selling any contact information, nor do we believe any information has
    been compromised. The cornerstone of our Privacy Statement is the
    commitment to keep our clients? personal information confidential.
    Ameritrade does not sell, license, lease or otherwise disclose your personal
    information to any third party for any reason, except as noted in the
    Privacy Statement.

    Several Spam methods do not depend on using purchased or intercepted
    lists of existing or valid e-mail accounts. Spammers also use known
    "brute forcing" or dictionary techniques. Brute forcing e-mails basically
    starts with something like,,,, and
    continues on from there. Brute forcing basically generates and sends out an
    e-mail to every possible combination of characters/email addresses at
    any given domain. A dictionary e-mail spam basically uses all of the
    words that would be included in a dictionary or combinations of words
    which generally produce quite a few valid e-mail accounts. This type of
    method would not be inhibited by using a separate e-mail address for
    each business account you may have.

    We have identified the ISP that these e-mails originated from and our
    Legal Department has taken the appropriate action to address and
    prohibit further spam attempts.

    We have no reason to believe that any of our systems have been
    compromised. Ameritrade deploys state of the art firewalls, intrusion
    detection, anti - virus software as well as employs a full time staff of
    employee?s dedicated strictly to Information Security and protecting
    Ameritrade's systems from unauthorized access.
  3. qll


    I have 200+ email address. Only email address used with Ameritrade received this spam.

    FUCK TD Ameritrade.
  4. lol, is that why my 200k account at Citibank now has 3 cents in it?
  5. BENG


    I closed my account right after the buyout.
  6. murdog


    I have been receiving gobs of SPAM since July 15th, 2006. I've had three accounts with them over the years and I use a separate email address for each of them

    All three of them started getting SPAM at the same time. I never ever even use those addresses for outgoing mail so it was not a dictionary hack or picked up by a forwarded message grabbed somewhere else.

    Ameritrade is lying. They either were hacked, or they sold our info.