TD ameritrade is garbage

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  1. TD Ameritrade has cost me so much money. Their software constantly locks up with spinning wheels during busy times in the market. Of course this is always during a critical moment when the market is moving. I just lost about 2K because again the market was dumping and I couldn't see what the price was. Just spinning F**ing wheels.

    Damn i am pissed, this has happened too many times. I am closing that POS account.
  2. harkm


    Weird, I never have any problems, but I use quotetracker with Iqfeed.
  3. My feed/signal just died on me this morning when SRS was making a 2x bottom. Coulda got in for the uptrend but you're right they're really amateurs. But they can afford to buy Think or Swim.
  4. TDAmeritrade was never known to cater to day traders...
  5. kipster


    I use them for options and never had a problem.
  6. Same here.
    No problems at all.
  7. I also use TD Ameritrade with Quote Tracker and dont have the problems I use to have. Quote Tracker has Awesome Charts.
  8. Curious, are you a convert from Cyber, a Canadian user, experienced TD user, new TD user, TD user from Europe????? Where from? How did you get to where you are?

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    Not sayin you are not right but might want to check your comp or internet connection before you change brokers. Out of nowhere my charts are freezing for a minute or two. It is my laptop. Try streaming videos, maybe youtube. If you are having problems there as well, like I do, it would help to know. I don't daytrade so Im not freakin out, but Im pretty sure my hard drive is fried. Would suck to change brokers and have the same problem.
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    try a dma professional trading firm. much better
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