TD ameritrade down again for me

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  1. Thii morning till now,, Strategic desk is very buggy for me.

    Canceled buy order at 10000 shares of ONNN AT 6.00, confirmed, but it showed up in my account.

    I was scrared. I had a 3000 shares short of SYMC at $16, thought to cover at market price, but it was just frozen there for 3 minutes, no action. SYMC is a very liquid stock, and I was a market order (because I was so scared.)

    Canceled that cover order, then realized could lead another problem. What if it filled but I didn't know.

    Finally, I covered it at 15.38, worked better for me, but I was so sacred, otherwise I would hold till $14.8.

    Then trying to sell 35000 shares of C, man I was just so scared, everything was a mess, not allowed again, complaining I was selling more share than I had.

    Then tried to sell 10000 shares of FPR at $1.72, few minutes no luck, finanlyy sold at $1.62.

    Second time on me. I had similar problem with TD ameritrade last Friday.

    This is so scary.

    Any recommendation for a new broker?


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    Not trying to be a prick, but why keep trading when you know there is a problem? Call them and see what is going on and make sure the system is ready to go. Why risk taking a huge hit? IB is always an option, not my choice, but enough people use them so they must be good for alot of people. I would think their commission scale would be better than TD by a mile also.
  3. Do yourself a favor and connect your Ameritrade account to the trading/charting platform called QUOTETRACKER. It's FREE.

    Once you do that, spend $50.00 per month for the DTN "IQ-Feed" that will give you Level-1 quotes that are "unfiltered" and real-time "tick" data. The Ameritrade data-feed just isn't up to snuff, even though they have made major improvements on the feed last December.

    You'll be very happy once you use this set-up.
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    I honestly don't know why anyone that trades a lot doesn't execute through interactivebrokers. Because the other brokers offer more resources, charts etc.?
  5. Yeah I kind of freaked out today too, not because I was losing money, but because I was "losing" the potential to make money.

    I put in a limit order to sell WMT at $51 at the open, and the thing didn't get executed even though the last price with both bid & ask were $51.10, and hovering at around 9:33 am, still no fill.

    As I'm watching the stock go from $51 down to $50.50 and still dropping, I'm getting more and more pissed. I call in and all the lines are frozen, wait time is 10 minutes or more.

    8 minutes later it shows my order filled at $51. So pissed me off, same thing happened with another I was holding over night.

    This is the second time I've had this happen to me from TD's standpoint. I'm thinking about switching to IB because this thing really messes with your emotions/mind when you see your clearly in the right and the order hasn't gone through. Pissed me off something awful this morning.

    One thing I heard is that IB won't let your account value drop below $10k. If you don't have $10k they won't take you, I have that amount but my account value goes up and down by a lot as I have to move money between accounts. It can go from $25K+ to $123 or so in 30 days or less.

    Any advice?


    comissions look MUCH cheaper than TD's. $10 to buy/sell is a lot...chews up my profit something nasty.
  6. I would recommend Think or Swim (TOS), but the clowns from TD ameritrade bought TOS. What a shame.
  7. There are those, typically larger players, who aren't comfortable showing order flow to a firm that's an offshoot of Timber Hill, which of course trades its own account quite actively in its capacity as an options mm.
  8. You guys just do not get it.

    1. Charting on TD ameritrade was fine. I knew quotetracker, and used it couple of years ago before it was bought by TD, but I like strategic desk better.

    2. You must be an idiot to say that I keep trading when I knew there was a system error. Read my post again, I was trying to close all my positions I had.

    I am 100% cash now. Just do not feel like to trade at all. This is just too scary. Usually TD ameritrade can fill the order in 2 or 3 seconds, I am OK with that. i am not a scalper. Today's error is not acceptable for me.

    Only made $13,000 today.
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    That's ridiculous for 99.9% of individual traders to worry about imo. TH is basically an algorithm that's not going to frontrun or lean on an order. The only likely way it would make a difference is if the size of the order would change the value of a particular market, altering the price that TH's algo's have something worth, which I don't believe is too likely since their arbitrage is so extensive across markets. More likely if anything they'll be taking the other side, giving the trader a quicker execution, at great commission rates and through an extremely reliable and efficient system/platform.
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