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  1. Question:
    only the "gold" eod version of tc2007 is available for trial, but the realtime is what interests me.

    1) The "brochure" on the platnum edition seems to indicate that intraday data periods are locked and not customisable, is this correct?

    2) does it display reatime tick and is the number customisable?

    3) where does their data feed come from and is it reliable?

    Comments from current users would be much appreciated.
  2. 1) Correct, not customizable.

    2) Yes and No.

    3) Don't know and seemed okay when I used it.
  3. tef8


    I would be interested in hearing from platinum users as to whether the chatrooms/groups were any good (i.e. gave you profitable trading ideas not just bs).

    Wish they had a free trial of platinum - I've tried the Gold - not much there I used.
    I don't need the datafeed.
  4. rjmgroup


    I've been a TeleChart Platinum user since 2003. "Some" of the chat is good and other parts of it are just completely worthless. One of the best chat channels is FirstWave, which has 3,000 members. The ALL-TCNet chat channel leaves a lot to be desired. Peter Worden shows up there and that's worth it but when the topics change to politics and other worthless topics it quickly goes downhill.

    Most of the shortcomings of TeleChart Platinum are being corrected in their free, supplemental software called "SnapSheets" (, which is available to current Gold and Platinum users. Real-time data isn't available yet but you can drag-and-drop Blocks to create indicators or write custom indicators in Visual BASIC or C#. Check out the videos on the website for more info.

    They're also looking into the possibility of Futures and Forex data feeds in the future.