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    I'm using a Windows laptop and the older version (7) of TC2000 that resides on the hard drive. Some of the system criteria have stopped updating (the price growth rate). Other criteria are still updating normally. I contacted them via their online chat and someone there said they would refer it to an engineer, but the criteria still haven't updated. I posted on their Facebook page, but no one has responded. Since most of the criteria are updating normally, I assume the problem is on their end, but maybe not. Anybody got any advice or tips on how to get this thing working again?
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    Contact Worden by email or online chat.

    Weird that you wouldn't do that first.
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    Weird that you wouldn't read the post you're responding to.
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    Maybe you need to upgrade.
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  5. They are currently supporting versions 19 and 20!

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    Version 7 is a different platform. I used it for awhile to feed Amibroker data. TC2000 the data is stored on their end. TC2000 v7 was the data is downloaded to your PC. Few other differences and because some users still use they’ve still kept it running.
  7. I miss the old Telechart v7 and I sure miss Don Worden.
  8. I also still use V7 so I can run data for very old Wealth Lab version. It may start working again with pgr data. Every now and then for me some data parameter like "optionable" will be missing after daily data update. Then it will reappear the next update.

    I'm glad someone else still uses this ancient software! :D
  9. Hi, just found this post! I raise my hand to say that I am still using TC2000 V7 too. A big fan of this version for ages. Love the pure PC version that you download all data to the PC, without having to be connected to internet.
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    Having used and still using for the past 16 years TC2K V7 found multiple issues which can be cleaned up with their utility program. It will either repair or re instal the system (note backup your work) just ask for the link with chat. My biggest issue is all the trouble going from the desktop version to my laptop since a great deal of information that I have added TEXT on the chart do not port to the laptop. I have struggled with it, although its a slow arduous process and unfortunately cannot utilize their server due to extremely large files.
    One major drawback is the lack of FIBs, what is included very poor quality plus no projection so therefore also utilize Sierra.
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