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  1. Hi,

    I'm hoping that there is a TC2000 user that would be kind enough to upload the program onto a file-sharing server, i.e. morpheus, for me to download it.

    I'd like to demo the new version of the program, but I don't want to order the CD from TC2000 b/c the last time I did (I've moved since) I got put onto the trading junkmail guru list - I constantly got a bunch of useless shit in the mail from none other than Larry Williams, Omnitrader, and all the other scam artists in the business.

    If anyone can help me out, please send me a PM.

  2. I have been a TC2000 users for over a year. I've never gotten any kind of junk e-mail. Maybe it wasn't TC2000 that was the cause. Anyway, I don't think your request will work because you really need the whole CD for it to work, and I believe it's several hundred mB's. I can whole heartedly reccomend the product and have no reservations. Perhaps you could call or e-mail them asking whether or not they sell their list. I suspect not.
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    I was a TC2000 user for over 2 years, and I don't believe I received any kind of spams because of them. It's gotta be something else.
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    Same here,I started using it january this year and had no spams.
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    I have never been a TC2000 user. But more than 2 years after receving the demo package in the mail I still receive a junk mail (not e-mail) offer at least once a month. Do you really want to subscribe to this?
  6. Not much is really free. Either you pass up the "free" offers or you cope with the inconvenience that comes with them. Asking someone to upload the CD for you as a means of avoiding the inconvenience of tossing any envelope that arrives with TC2000 on it is expecting a lot of others.

    I am a TC2000 subscriber and I do not get junk mail that I might infer is a result of being on their mailing list.
  7. hmmm....interesting.
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    I agree with what most others are saying dude, been a TC2000 subscriber for about 3 yrs, never received any junk mail.
  9. I used to use TC2000. Now I get lots of mail inviting me to the
    latest free seminar. I suppose if they get you to resign it isn't
    free is it?

  10. I wouldn't blame TC2000 for OmniTrader and Larry Williams
    mail. They do that without TC's help all by themselves.

    I don't think there is a "trading junkmail guru list".

    If you don't like TC's mail, call them up and they will probably
    take you off of their mailing list.

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