tc2000, stockcharts, or what else?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by brd, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. brd


    I'm looking for a charting service that can do multiple watchlists. I just came off a sub to tc2000, but found it a little out of my pricerange. I tried, but found it a little lacking in the ability to display watchlists as a list with different columns/criteria like volume that day.

    Any other lower priced charting services anyone could recommend?

  2. i know prophet charts does a great job although you'll need to open an account w/ tda (formerly tos).

    also check out

    in general you can open an account w/ the minimum amount of $ then withdraw the money and still use the software.
  3. Actually, (don't tell anyone :cool: ) I've been using my Think or swim free trial for about 6 years now. Never deposited any money. Not sure if that's still an option, but you might want to try it out.
  4. Kirkx


    Try Amibroker. You pay a one time fee of $200 for the Standard edition and the software will work forever. You only need to pay again if you decide to upgrade a few years later.

    You can create unlimited number of watch lists. With the help of C/C++ native AFL coding a watch list can be based on any criteria, eg:

    close>=12 AND close<=123 AND EMA(close,21)>=14.50 AND EMA(Volume,14)>=5800500

    Check Amibroker's user forums on Yahoo Groups.
  5. barata


    If you have a low cost data service (IB, or TD Ameritrade) you can use Quotetracker and easily create multiple watchlists(also called portfolios). But you can't scan and do much sorting with them. When the new Medved Trader is released, hopefully it will have more scanning and sorting possibilities. As you already know, TC2000 is the easiest and quickest. I use it along with QT with identical watchlists in both. Have you tried paying for TC2000 a year in advance, it's cheaper that way, and also there are occasional sales. When money was tight when my yearly subscription lapsed, I would wait for a sale before least around Dec or Jan there would usually be one within 2-4 weeks. Then the cost (by paying for the entire year) would be $20/m or $240 for the year.