TC2000 & resilient stocks system

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by nljones5, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. nljones5


    Has anybody tried to trade using this system advertised in IBD? I know TC2000 is a data bank, but I'm wondering about using his system to find stocks for short-term trading.
  2. hrifraf


    Take a look around on this site. There are informative comments in the "product reviews" section. You may also want to do a search and see comments in recent threads.
  3. trdrmac


    NLJ, I like TC-2000 and it has certainly paid for itself. The screens do closely follow much of what is used in IBD and William Oneils CANSLIM model.

    The negatives are it is a little quirky, some moving averages and trendlines do strange things. Also the you would have to program your own custom screens which is a pain. For instance they have a canned stocks crossing 40 Moving average, but if you want 200 you are programming it yourself.

    As for the resilient stocks, I am not sure that the cup with handle or slim jim patterns work as well as they did in the late 90s, but then what does?

    As a free alternative, I always recommend Silicon Investor which has some great screening software for no cash. They have however started to play these dopy voiceover ads which seem to slow the chart loads. That's actually why I started paying for TC-2000.

    Best of Luck