TC2000 Real-Time Intra-day?

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  1. I guess its just too much to ask, what with the exchanges all having their hands out for those non-professional/professional fees, to provide real time scans.

    Hey, the markets forbid competing against the others like Pristine, eSignal, Trading Tech and other real time scanners. Then there's the day traders favorite like Bristol's First Alert, and other scanners. Then there's the relatively free scanners that are available.

    Scanning goes hand in hand with scalping, provided that the time of discovery provides sufficient lead time to take advantage of the momentum play. Remember, the vast majority of momentum traders are those fools who were lucky to get together with their money in the first place. Just ask Gordon Geckko....
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  2. one thing I haven't found in TC2000 that I would really like is relative strength vs. the s&p 500 over a variable time period. It comes with a canned relative strength that is for 1-yr, and I use that but I would like to be able to see the results for 3 and 6 months also.
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  4. gaj


    does anyone know a scanner which can look for stocks fitting an ADX / RSI parameter, in 10 or 15 minute charts? the rest of the parameters are fairly simple ones to have.

    i do have realtick but it doesn't have this ability...thanks.
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    Is there any way to download both 1min and also tick ( 1 tick preferably) long-term historical data from TC2000, or from any other resources, for free for US stocks?
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