TC2000 Real-Time Intra-day?

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  1. Anyone know when TC2000 will be releasing their Real-Time Intra-day charting version?

    It's been in beta for the longest time, which they released for a short time and have been releasing to those that attend the advanced seminars.

    Any people currently using the beta version and have opinions good/thebad/theugly?
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  3. So you've used the new TCNet software?

    How is the charting, and more importantly the scanning feature?

    The biggest problem I had with tc2000 is that my volume surge scans are up to 20 min delayed.
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    according to their tcnet presentation, it is all real time down to the tick and auto fix bad tick too. My presentation of tcnet is the third on their tour schedule so everything is brand new, time will tell.
  5. It'll be interesting to see how TCNet compares to Realtick, qCharts, and eSignal.

    TC2000 is the leader in affordable EOD charts and data.
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    now I know why they price it at 79.95/m same as qchart, btw, the link work in IE only, if you click and nothing come up cut and paste the link into IE instead.
  7. its been a few months, any more feedback on TCNet ?

    does it offer tick charts ?
  8. Hello Everyone,
    Have been using TCNet for a couple weeks now and thought I'd attempt to answer some earlier questions:

    Tick charts - yes, it has these along with 1,5,10,15,30, and 60 min.

    Real time scans - not really - it functions just like the old TC2000 in regards to scans and Personal Criteria Formulas (PCF). Still have to download the 20min. delayed data for intraday scans.
    TCNet does offer 3 realtime intraday scans - price% change, volume, and share price. There is a segregation in how the real time data is utilized as compared to the delayed/EOD data. My impression is that this first run of TCNet is a gussied up TC2000 platform, hence the incompatability between the two data streams.

    Real time charting is excellent though, lots of user adjustments and indicators available.

    Was suprised to find that for me the best feature is the real time chat. Amazing store of knowledge and varying viewpoints available instantly. Many of the chatters appear to be long time TC2000 users (back in the DOS days), and are quite experienced (many retirees too). There are Elliott Wave/ Fib gurus, candlestick folks, indicator builders, gut traders and others.

    Overall a decent package, my hope is that in the future intraday data will be equally accessible throughout the program. For those who use visual indications intraday the package is excellent.

  9. ok..i've been using tc2000 for years. i like it, but i HATE that the data is delayed 20+ minutes intraday. all i want is the current tc2000 without delayed data. i was thinking of switching to tcnet, but i guess i would still be disappointed?

    does anyone know if tcnet can use the following in real time intraday scans?

    today's open, high, low, close
    the open, high, low, and close of the previous 5 days
    simple moving averages up to 20 days


    p.s. if tcnet can not do what i want, does anyone know a similar software program that can?
  10. Hey Gordon Gekko,
    Look elsewhere - the realtime data in TCNet can't be incorporated into EasyScans as you'd like. Realtime data can
    be used to sort a watchlist though (ascending/descending). You can run an EasyScan with the 20min. delay data, then sort the subsequent watchlist by realtime data. Kinda clunky though - and you're still messing with old data in the EasyScan.
    Would be good for finding EOD setups then using the realtime data for entry/exit decisions intraday, but realtime scanning still eludes. Hopefully they'll allow us to use the data for scanning soon! Currently the realtime data is completely different from the EOD/20min. stuff - not accessible other than just viewing it - can't write Personal Criteria Formulas to access it.
    Hope this helps,
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