TC2000 Question about BOP, TSV and Money Stream

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    Hello, I have used this software for some time, but have never found an answer to exactly what BOP, TSV and Money Stream that is used exclusively by TC2000. Does anyone have a correct answer or something close? Thanks in advance.
  2. I had a CD that explained them, but to be honest I didn't get much from it and I NEVER use them.

    You might call customer support - they can probably get you something - but they might charge you!
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    I view all 3 as hype developed to help sell their software.
    That may be a bit hardnosed but I don't think any of it helps
    more than any other indicator that would be used fairly.
    I also don't recall any formulas published. They wanted users
    to have a "special" method to make money from their product
    so they developed those three. If it helps..fine. Simple luck
    also helps. I've used Tc2000 off & on for 15 years.
    I hope this helps some..

    ag pilot
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    For all the replies. Worden tends to be tight lipped as to what exactly they measure, very cryptic. My curious nature is getting the better of me and I really want to see what they measure.
  5. I've used TC2000 off and on for about 6 years (religiously for about 3).

    I saw some value to divergences in TSV and MoneyStream versus price. The divergences were okay, but you could get similar divergences from other indicators. I never saw a use for BOP, maybe it worked pre-bubble.

    The indicators are proprietary - Worden won't tell.

    I still like the software for the scans, the heavy use of sectors, the organized structure, and the price.
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    Thanks again, I appreciate all the replies.
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    Probably a little late, my comment, but here it goes anyway.

    A couple of month ago TASC published an article on a indicator called "Finite Volume Elements". People noticed, it has a big look-alike to TSV, so depending on what exactly you are trying to do, maybe a look in this direction will help.


  8. With your first TC2000 CD you get a user manual which goes it to elaborate explanation of all these indicators.
    Money flow is basically tick volume. This indicator is calculated by adding the volume on upticks and subtracting on downtick. it is like OBV
    Moneystream is like Chaikin Money flow but uses different formula.
    BOP is accumulation or distribution indicator.
  9. 1. As someone mentioned, I think MoneyStream (MS) works a lot like OBV but not always. I set up one of my chart templates with both MS and OBV right on the price chart so it traces the moves. The best use I've found is to look for situations where MS doesn't confirm. An example is XAU -- look at the runup thru 1/5. MS didn't confirm the move (i.e., negative divergence).

    2. BOP is fairly useless in my opinion on indexes, except in special circumstances so I only use it on individual stocks or ETFs. In any event, I only use it on the price chart (not as a separately plotted indicator). It may give you some signs of extreme moves or exhaustion but it's not a stand-alone indicator by any means.

    3. TSV is difficult to use and not one of my primary indicators. I found the best use of it is to plot an MA of it and look for divergences.

    Hope that helps.
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