TC2000 exp. moving avg. for PCF???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Trend Fader, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know the PCF for a 20 and 50 day exponential moving avg. for tc2000??

    TC2000 only has the simple moving averages selectable for pcf.

    Wondering if anyone calculated the exponential versions.

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    You can display exponential moving averages in TC2000, but you cannot calculate them or include them in a PCF.
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    Interesting links, I've seen a bunch of sites devoted to TC2000 PCF's. Unfortunately the Worden Bros. never found it necessary to include the means to code exponential ma's in their PCF's (even tho the charts will easily display them). It was an ongoing controversy there for years, eventually everyone stops fighting them and either moves on to other software or works with the limited tools and studies that they provide.
  4. you CAN have exponential moving averages in a PCF. i used to do this all the time. someone already asked this question and i explained it here:

    it might seem confusing, but it works perfect. you can make any length moving average that you want if you understand the logic in that link. you can also determine the value of an ema x days ago, etc.

    here's a 20ema:

    *.9+C19*.1) *.9+C18*.1)
    *.9+C17*.1) *.9+C16*.1) *.9+C15*.1)
    *.9+C14*.1) *.9+C13*.1) *.9+C12*.1)
    *.9+C11*.1) *.9+C10*.1) *.9+C9*.1)
    *.9+C8*.1) *.9+C7*.1) *.9+C6*.1)
    *.9+C5*.1) *.9+C4*.1) *.9+C3*.1)
    *.9+C2*.1) *.9+C1*.1) *.9+C*.1)

    here's a 50ema:

    *.96+C49*.04) *.96+C48*.04) *.96+C47*.04) *.96+C46*.04) *.96+C45*.04) *.96+C44*.04) *.96+C43*.04) *.96+C42*.04) *.96+C41*.04) *.96+C40*.04) *.96+C39*.04) *.96+C38*.04) *.96+C37*.04) *.96+C36*.04) *.96+C35*.04) *.96+C34*.04) *.96+C33*.04) *.96+C32*.04) *.96+C31*.04) *.96+C30*.04) *.96+C29*.04) *.96+C28*.04) *.96+C27*.04) *.96+C26*.04) *.96+C25*.04) *.96+C24*.04) *.96+C23*.04) *.96+C22*.04) *.96+C21*.04) *.96+C20*.04)*.96+C19*.04) *.96+C18*.04)
    *.96+C17*.04) *.96+C16*.04) *.96+C15*.04)
    *.96+C14*.04) *.96+C13*.04) *.96+C12*.04)
    *.96+C11*.04) *.96+C10*.04) *.96+C9*.04)
    *.96+C8*.04) *.96+C7*.04) *.96+C6*.04)
    *.96+C5*.04) *.96+C4*.04) *.96+C3*.04)
    *.96+C2*.04) *.96+C1*.04) *.96+C*.04)

    p.s. knowing how to make emas in tc2000 pcfs did not make me money.
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    Hi, Trend Fader
    From the same website that richtrader mentioned is the Exponential Tutorial at and this post from this Yahoo group which you can join for free and is very helpful. We help each other out like we do in these forums. :)
    PS Thanks GG for the PCF's. Nicely done. I alway have to work at getting the right number of brackets in the right places :)
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    A while ago I saw similar ema simulations for TC2000. They work fairly well, they are not an exact ema but close enough for most government purposes. Thanks for posting them. It would be so easy for the Worden Bros. to include an exact, simple ema code but they're not interested.