TC2000 - any good currently?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DisciplinedHedg, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. I haven't used Worden's TC2000 in almost 10 years.

    Is it any better now?

    For now, I'm interested in basic screening of stocks (volume breakouts, new highs/lows, etc), good historical data, easy organization of watch lists. I liked their TC indicators.

    Would like the ability to screen intraday as well.

    I'm no dunce, but I have no need or desire for complicated programs that have so many options that they just get in the way.

    Is TC2000 still a good software, or have others emerged?
  2. It is a good basic tool. I have used it a lot in the past. One reason more sophisticated traders do not use it is that you have no way of knowing the historical performance of the scans. In this respect it is a naive tool. If you setup a scan and you get a list of stocks, do you know how these criteria have performed in the past? The answer is no. As a result, the possibility of making money with it is very low unless you first find a strategy that wooks and then use TC2000 to program the criteria for scanning it. But TC2000 language is primitive and you can do only simple stuff. I used it with code generated by Price Action Lab before but that was price patterns only. Instead, you can use Amibroker for that for a one-time fee of $199 and free data downloads for US stocks. Why paying monthly then? Only if you need the TC2000 fundamental data. If you are all technical, Amibroker can do it. One problem is that AFL is a little tricky to learn. Good luck.
  3. many brokers have scanning capabilities built into their platform. your needs will dictate the software you want not the other way around (e.g. do you need real time vs eod)