TC2000 and calculates Simple Moving Average differently

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  1. I didn't realize that depending on which of the two you are using, you will be looking at different chart info. I'm using TC2000 and I was telling myself SPY broke the 200 simple moving average around 190.50. Then, several traders I follow on twitter twitted that they went long SPY with their stops just below 200MA at 189 and they posted their charts from I verified it and was surprised that TC2000 and have different values for the simple moving averages. I thought there is only one way this is computed. Below is a snapshot of the 2 charts. Does anyone have a way of verifying which one is correct?
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    Wow! Trading software can't get simple indicator formulas right! That's breaking -- no, wait ... that's actually old news. Carry on.
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    Free web based charting programs usually use BATS data (incomplete)
    If you want to test you need to compare with same data source. i.e. exchange based data. Compare the OHLC's.

    SPDR/SPY is another web based service [Free=BATS] [subscription=exchange]

    I see 190.58 - 200sma - Tradingview subscription
    I see 190.45 - 200sma - IB/MC [snapshot data]

    Daily charts, moving average, its a reference point. Close enough.
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    Read this. Very informative. The guy is an expert. BTW why are you using this very old software? Too many problems with backtests.