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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Eldredge, Aug 13, 2001.

  1. Eldredge


    I have been using TC 2000 with streaming real time for a few months now. I really like some of the features, but I have terrible luck with the data feed. End-of-day is fine, but real-time seems to have problems every day. Is anyone else trying to use them?
  2. TC Real time is horrible(imo)...I love it for after hours.
  3. I agree it is horrible, both in content, price and reliability. I used it a month and found that many symbols like PCLN MCAF AMZN etc weren't even available in R/T. And what about bid/ask prices? Nowhere to be seen; just those 2 hash marks.

    Also the constant window pop-up about TC2000's daily update, which usually happens towards the end of the day were absolutely annoying.

    All you can look at is 1 chart at a time. For 80 a month you can get QCharts that will let you look at tens or hundreds of quotes at once and many charts/indicators with about the same level of (un)reliability.
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  4. Magna

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    I've been using TC2000 for end-of-day data for years, and it's been very solid, nice for evening scans. But I wouldn't touch it for realtime data for the reasons stated above plus the fact that it won't update your PCF's (and, by extension, your EasyScans) in realtime. To do that you must download delayed data and run your update, just like you can do throughout the day with any non-realtime copy of TC2000. In other words, if you want your scans updated during the day, you're no better off paying the additional money to enable realtime charting. Now, if they figured out a way to allow realtime EasyScan updates, and with a stable data-feed, that would get seriously interesting...
  5. ddefina


    I've used EOD for years and love the scans, but the real-time is a joke. I don't know who their RT target market is, but with the reliability and "clunkiness" of the program, nobody serious would use it for real-time info.
  6. lescor


    I read somewhere that they just discontinued the real time feature and are planning to re-launch it in the spring with new features and better reliability. I used to use it, but it was so pathetic I cancelled it before long.
  7. Magna

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    ...and are planning to re-launch it in the spring with new features

    The only new "feature" that would matter is realtime updating of the scans, that would give it a definite edge. If they stick with realtime charting only there are too many other established packages out there to seriously consider TC2000.
  8. I've used it for some time now for EOD backtesting. But some wonky results prompted me to investigate further. A little bit of exporting and scripting to compare the data from TC2K to several other sources, including CSI, Thomson FN, & qfeed, revealed so many inaccurcies in the data that I promptly canceled service. Whenever I found a discrepancy, the others were generaly in agreement while TC was out in left field.

    If you actually rely on the data from it for anything other than the odd glance at a chart, get rid of it.