TC 2000 EOD users.....check out this list for $14.95/mo.

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  1. and no downloads or Cd's

    A/D Line (Breadth)
    A/D Line (Daily)
    Absolute Breadth Index
    Accumulation Swing Index
    Accumulation/Distribution Line
    Advance/Decline Line
    Advance/Decline Ratio
    Advancing-Declining Issues
    Alpha Jensen
    Arms Index (TRIN)
    Aroon Indicator
    Aroon Oscillator
    Average Directional Movement Index
    Average Directional Movement Index Ratin
    Average True Range (ATR)
    Balance of Market Power
    Beta Coefficient
    Bollinger Bands
    Breadth Thrust Indicator
    CCT Bollinger Bands Histogram
    Chaikin Money Flow
    Chaikin Oscillator
    Chaikin Volatility Indicator
    Chande Momentum Indicator
    Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
    Commodity Selection Index (CSI)
    Correlation Analysis
    CP Volumentum Trend
    Cumulative Volume Index
    Demarker Indicator
    Detrended Price Oscillator
    Directional Movement Index
    Disparity Index
    Dynamic Momentum Index
    Ease of Movement
    Elder Ray
    Fisher Transform
    Force Index
    Forecast Oscillator
    Four Percent Model
    Haurlan Index
    Herrick Payoff Index
    Historical Volatility
    Intraday Momentum Index
    Keltner Channels
    Klinger Histogram
    Klinger Oscillator
    Linear Regression
    Linear Regression Channel 50%
    Linear Regression Channel, Variable
    Linear Regression Indicator
    Linear Regression Slope
    Linear Regression Trendline
    MA Envelope, Simple
    MACD (2 lines)
    MACD Histogram
    Market Facilitation Index
    Mass Index
    McClellan Oscillator
    McClellan Summation
    Median Price
    Mesa Sine Wave
    Momentum %
    Money Flow
    Money Flow Index
    Moving Average Envelope
    Moving Average, Displaced
    Moving Average, Double Exponential
    Moving Average, Exponential
    Moving Average, Simple
    Moving Average, Triangular
    Moving Average, Triple Exponential
    Moving Average, Variable
    Moving Average, Weighted
    Negative Volume Index
    New Highs-Lows Cumulative
    New Highs-New Lows
    New Highs/Lows Ratio
    On Balance Volume (OBV)
    Open-10 TRIN
    Parabolic Stop and Reversal (PSAR)
    Polarized Fractal Efficiency
    Polychromatic Momentum
    Positive Volume Index
    Price Action Indicator (PAIN)
    Price and Volume Trend
    Price Channel
    Price Oscillator
    Price Volume Rank
    Projection Bands
    Projection Oscillator
    Random Walk Index
    Range Indicator
    Rate of Change
    Relative Momentum Index (RMI)
    Relative Strength Index (RSI)
    Relative Strength, Comparative
    Relative Volatility Index
    Ribbon Study
    Standard Deviation
    Standard Deviation Channel
    Standard Error
    Standard Error Bands
    Standard Error Channel
    STARC Bands
    Stochastic Momentum Index
    Stochastic Oscillator
    Stochastic RSI
    Stochastic, Fast
    Stochastic, Full
    Stochastic, Slow
    Stochastics, Double Smoothed
    Swing Index
    TD Moving Average
    TD Range Expansion Index
    TD Range Projections
    TD Rate of Change
    The Time Series Forecast
    The Typical Price
    Trade Volume Index
    True Strength Index
    Ultimate Oscillator
    Upside/Downside Ratio
    Upside/Downside Volume
    Vertical Horizontal Filter
    Volume Accumulation
    Volume by Price
    Volume Oscillator
    Volume ROC
    Weighted Close
    Wilder's RSI
    Wilder's Smoothing
    Wilders Volatililty Index
    Williams %R
    Williams' Acc/Dist
    Zig Zag
  2. Do you suppose that any of them work:eek:
  3. Well they draw nice muti-colored wiggly lines.....This is the software thread ya knoooow.

    Lagging indicators have their use to confirm what you can see with price action....but agreed there is much more to trading. But I find it hard to write about those other things as I am still learning how to trade discretionarily....(tried for 20 years to learn, do you think I should quit?)

    Even the Bright Bro's won't teach me without me sending $. But I do want to thank them for my free T-shirt and free one-year subscription to Stocks and Commodities mag, just to listen to their radio show..

    Michael B.

  4. No keep it up. My misery loves company.:(
  5. :)

  6. I need massive amounts of $'s to trade the way I want to...:) :)

    Michael B.