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  1. ultra short 20 year bonds........

    stock market up
    bonds down
    yields up
    oil up
    gold up
    use down

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    --use down---

  3. use = usd
  4. tbt could be the best play out there right now, assuming the US recovers
  5. i'm in it...i sold puts.. and i have call ratio backspreads in the leaps.. i'm in it to win it..
  6. sold TBT at 80... been playing this for awhile, wouldn't buy it again till it hits its 52 week lows and than some. tbt.png
  7. the grexit is still possible plus other scenarios, going into the fall we will see credit markets surge secondary to volatility and prevailing deflation.
  8. realistically look at world credit yields in Japan, Germany and other markets. If US bonds/notes approach those yields what would TBT be trading at?
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