TBSI: Should I buy $100k @ these prices

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  1. I've been swing trading TBSI, GRMN, CRNT and few others this year. Made a some, lost some. Been trading TBSI since May this year when was $15. I really like this company and had I bought & held...I would be up 300%....HUGE!!!!...more than I or most anyone could make in short 6 months. I know, I know, I know there are many companies like TBSI but I'm asking everyone here what's the use trading when so many stocks trending so strongly nowadays? Is the real BIG MONEY made buying & holding strong companies like this where you double, triple, quadruple your money in short time?

    I'm asking....is it a good idea to put $100k on TBSI and let it ride for a year or so...is this baby gonna break $100/share like DRYS etc. and should I forget the trading in & out? What do you guys think of this company...apparently buying 2-3 more ships by January 2008?

    Lucky wants to get really Lucky!
  2. No Opinions?? Motley fool says going in the HUNDREDS of dollars/share. Up 1000 percent for the year!!! Anyone like making money here???? Anyone listening???
  3. Tons of momentum in this stock. I wouldn't be suprised to see it move much higher. I'm no expert but...

    Why not take 1/3 position now, and a 1/3 position on a pullback, then 1/3 on a possible breakout. Seems smarter then just putting in 100K today and hoping for the best.

    Of course you may have to enter those extra 1/3s on breakouts if we don't get any pullbacks, which might be the case.
  4. Stock is probably the leader for share price increase this year. Up 10% again to a new 52 week high! WOW! no pullbacks in sight!!!
  5. The question you must ask yourself... is the past growth sustainable and can you afford to lose a 38-50% retracement? Past performance does not guarantee future performance.... It appears the downside risk may be greater than the potential reward...

    From an investing standpoint, you should never place more than 5% of your total portfolio in any one single high risk asset.

    Perhaps no more than 30% combined total in higher risk assets. (this is dependant on age, time horizon available to recover) in your 20's, you can afford to seek higher returns, as growth is your priority... 40-50's... you consider 30-50% in bonds, as capital preservation is of the utmost importance.

    If 100K is your entire nest egg... consider the consequences...
  6. Thanks for the reply ...but I'm quite certain the rule your speaking of is RISK no more than 5%...not PLACE! Doing what you are doing you will end up with one big fat mutual fund of your own with poor returns. Read Peter Lynch! Diversification should be called "Deworsification"

    My post was intended to see what traders thought about entering an already strong trend on this leading stock!
  7. Pardon me, I stand corrected. When put in that context, I see where the 5% "risk" rule would not apply to a true trader. I was confused when you stated your one-year holding period. Didn't realize you intended on scalping. In which case placing all of ones asset's in a single high performing equity is an excellent risk management strategy and I highly recommend that you do so. I wish I would have thought of it sooner, think of all the capital gains taxes I would have saved over the years.

    Good luck

    PS: TBSI only lost 7.7% on Friday... only going up from here....
  8. "Diversification" is usually thought of as having different assets/classes and issues.

    Traders can also "diversify by opportunity"... that is, take big positions in virtually anything, but have discipline to exercise sell stops while losses are small.
  9. Diversification is ignorance protection.

    I'm hoping you understand the dry shipping business and 100k is only a portion of your working capital... just throwing 100k on this stock if that's most of your money is arrogant...
  10. TBSI seems too risky.

    I recommend larger cap stocks like AAPL, and RIMM instead.
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