TBSI breaking out as i type

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by razor99, May 7, 2007.

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    volume is double what it normally does..could see 17.50- 18 today.. TBSI


    It's had a nice run up since Feb, 2007
    What is the story with this stock. Vol. Is lite.
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    voume is strong considering it does 88k on everage for the whole day..it has already done almost 150k and its only 12:00/
    it has been in a range between 15.70 and 16.60 for a few weeks..just broke to a new high today..i think it has a shot at the mid 17'2 today.


    Nice...Its at 16.69 now

    So a nice, .50cent move...

    It's worth looking at..
  5. Holy sh*t, I was looking at this shipper back when it was 5 bucks.

    Get rid of half the chart and see just how good it looked back then.
  6. razor99


    it needs to break today's high of 16.79...its pulling back to the original high of 16.60..actually,i like KNOT to 21.75 area and GIGM to 15.40..have both with some stops in place,,


    You seen this back when it was $5?
    Why didn't you buy you 500 shares?

    My question to you all that have replied to this post,
    IS how do you all go about Screening the Markets?

    What has worked, and not work...

    Just would like to hear from you all...
  8. Was looking at TOPT, which was in play at the time, did not like it, started checking out the sector, found TBSI.

    Looked great fundamentally but the chart was a solid downtrend. I chose not to buy it because it's a shipper and I had little understanding of that sector. It's very cyclical and some of these companies don't survive the cycles. That's why the P/Es are generally lower than the market. Month or two later, it breaks the downtrend and takes off.

    It's an interesting sector which has gone through transformation due to globalization. All of the transports have.
  9. A record number of ships (newer generation, double hull) are being brought online right now, and shipping rates are beginning to drop.

    The run is shipping was yesterday's play, I'm afraid, especially if the U.S. slows as expected, as most shipped goods are completely fungible.


    Thank you,

    I appreciate you giving me feed back.

    So BuyLoSellHigh,

    How do you screen the markets, what works best...

    Gorilla Trades,
    Investor Business Daily,
    Software with certain parameters,

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