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Discussion in 'Journals' started by TBird, May 20, 2008.

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    Hi, my name is TBird and I am starting a journal of my ES trades which will probably bore you to tears like all the others here.

    This is strictly a means for me to kill time and boost my ego, which on a 1-10 is about a 2. I've been trading for a few months and can't for the life of me understand 95% of the edge crap I read in books and on this website. Can you?

    I've been making a profit using my kid's bingo game with the random ball number generator. Who knows, maybe one day I'll win the megaball lottery with this "system." I use charts, but frankly, they give me a headache and I think they are basically useless.

    I don't give a rat's ass what you think of this journal, so post to your heart's content whatever you like. Anything goes, and I promise not to ask Magna to delete any posts, unless they deviate from trading or personally attack my mother-in-law.

    I'll post my trades at the EOD and statements the following morning. If you think I'm full of shit and doctoring the statements, I couldn't care less. At the end of this thread, whenever that will be, I'll either bust out or sell my technique for $8k to the first 100 buyers.

    I hate me too.
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    I made a couple of hundred bucks today in between playing Astropop and reading the newspapers. Not too shabby on a $9500 account. I wasn't really concentrating on trading.

    I'm still fiddling with contract size. Traded 2-4 depending on my mood, which was pretty lousy the whole day.

    I only had popcorn and rice cakes for lunch and drank lots of Poland Spring. It's important to stay well hydrated in front of the screen.

    Statement to follow in the a.m.
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    Apparently ET is not allowing attachments now. I'll try later.
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    Yesterday's business.
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    Well, today I gave back yesterday's gain after costs. The chop got the best of me and I would have been better off staying away. But that's not my style. I like the action when I'm not watching Scorsese flicks and smoking Cuban cigars.

    Today's lunch wasn't too great either: Tostitos Scoops with generic salsa that took a crowbar to open the jar.
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    so far so good. Can you explain how the random number generator works? have you tried experimenting with a Magic 8 Ball too? That might help smooth your equity curve :)

    I'm rooting for you.
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    It simple. Go to a KayBee store and buy the home bingo toy. It has all the numbers on small plastic balls. Just load them into the cement mixer and they will fall out one-by-one. Use the number which comes as close to the price fro your entry, and don't worry about exits.

    The 8 ball doesn't work because it doesn't gernerate numbers to the best of my knowlege. If you know differently, please send a PM.

    I'm not worried about the equity curve as much as getting blown out. I could definitely use some discipline though.
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    Yesterday's business