Taylor trading technique

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    Does anyone have this Taylor trading technique ebook ?

    Please pm me

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  3. crosten


    ebook not hard copy
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  5. crosten


    yes i have seen it

    anyone who has this ebook pls pm me
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    why dont you just spring for the hardcopy. At amazon you can get the book used as low as $13.22. I recommend the book.
  7. It is strange someone doesn't want to spend $13. I hope his trading capital exceeds that...
  8. You're better off getting George Angell's Sniper Trading. He has improved upon the Taylor technique, and basically put it into an easy to understand format. Plus Taylor's writing is difficult to read.
  9. I havent read sniper but can attest that the (cheap at that price) taylor trading book is hard to read. Good historical info but ...
  10. mokwit


    Taylor is excuciating to try and follow, but has some good observations on how stocks move in addition to the Buy Sell Selll Short sequence.

    I think you would become very unstuck trying to trade Angells LSS as a system. my observation is that the cycle appears and dissapears, I suspect depending on whether longer timeframe players are active, and I cannot even rule out that it is actually random, although volume patterns do sem to confirm that there is orcestrated activity going on.
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