Taylor Hicks Wins American Idol!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hcour, May 25, 2006.

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    He won! He won! Oh man, I'm so excited I'll never get to sleep tonight! It's like Christmas and Easter rolled into one! Which recording label will sign him first? What will his first hit song be? I wonder if he'll win any awards like Kelly Clarkson! And will he go on to -

    Ahhh, who gives a shit?

  2. The same brain dead dumbed down Americans who voted for Bush voted in this fat Las Vegas wannabe lounge singer....

  3. I don't post that much, but I feel compelled to just say that Katherine McPhee got robbed on Idol!!! lol Don't get me wrong, Taylor is good, but she was better.....it was rigged...bunch of bullshit! lol Ok, I'm done complaining.....

  4. It was rigged, of course. They wanted a man (boy....whatever) to win.

    McPhee will not suffer, she didn't look surprised or even disappointed, as I am sure she will get just as much, if not more gigs as the Lounge Act....

  5. LOL z ;-)